Poroshenko war: we Need to keep our powder dry

Порошенко военным: Нужно держать порох сухим

The President gave the military Easter baskets prepared by the Marina Poroshenko

The President met with the servicemen of the 79 airborne brigade and soldiers of the national guard, who are fighting in Donbass, and gave Easter baskets.

Ukrainian military need at any moment to be ready to demonstrate the combat capability. This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with soldiers of the 79th airborne brigade and soldiers of the National guard on Sunday, 1 April.

He thanked the soldiers for what they held the line, for their courage, valor and high morale.

“Thank you for what you boronite every scrap of Ukrainian land. We need to keep our powder dry. We need to be ready to demonstrate at any moment the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian troops,” – said the President.

The President also noted that today the army Ukrainians trust the most. “And we need to do everything in order to save, and most importantly – justify”, – he stressed.

The President also gave the military an Easter basket prepared by his wife Marina Poroshenko.

We will remind, Poroshenko started his working visit to Donetsk oblast morning from Mariupol. In particular, he visited the Church and met with believers. He then went to Volnovakha, and in the evening I will come again to Mariupol, where they will visit a match of the local team Dynamo Kiev.


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