Poroshenko: we Have no conflict in the East

Порошенко: У нас нет конфликта на востоке

Poroshenko said that in Ukraine there is no conflict in the East

The President interrupted the head of the European investment Bank in Ukraine and said Russian occupation.

President Petro Poroshenko has cut off the head of the European investment Bank in Ukraine Lilia Cherniavska, which in the course of his speech called the situation in the Donbas, “the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.”

At the meeting of the regional development Council today Cherniavsky several times used the word “conflict”.

“One of the flagship operations for us and for the country is to support people who find themselves in a difficult situation because of the conflict in the East. The Bank and the state support the reconstruction of the social infrastructure, damaged as a result of the conflict”, – said in particular she.

However, Poroshenko broke off her speech:

“I’m sorry, we don’t have conflict in the East, we have Russian occupation of Ukrainian lands”, – said the President.

After that, the head of the European investment Bank apologized and continued performance.

Earlier, Kiev said that the Donbass cannot be considered occupied under international law.

In addition, the EU believes that the DNI and the LC should not be considered as occupied and those which fall within the area of responsibility of Russia.