Poroshenko: We must finish de-communization, it is a matter of national security

Порошенко: Мы должны завершить декоммунизацию, это вопрос нацбезопасности

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted the importance of completing de-communization, as it is a matter of national security. He stated this during the event to the Day of memory of victims of political repression, it said on its Twitter page.

“The names of the executioners from the map of Ukraine – averse, it is not discussed. But what name to choose for the future – let communities decide for themselves. The only caution is not to return to the Imperial titles. Will not allow the map of Ukraine Novorossiysk to spot the names! We must finish de-communization, because this issue is a matter of national security,” said Garant.

He reminded that Ukrainians annually in may come in Bykivnia forest to worship the blessed memory of millions of victims of the Communist regime.

“Bloody web of countless cemeteries, identified and unnamed, found and not yet found – outline map of the crimes of communism. The Stalinist regime sought to destroy the elite of the Ukrainian nation – scientists, writers, artists. Now they are called Executed Renaissance, and beyond them was only one “sin” – they loved Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko.

The Ukrainian head of state added that in Bykivnia in 1940, the NKVD shot thousands of Polish officers, which was a direct result of the Union of the relations of Hitler and Stalin.

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Recall, may 15, in Ukraine remember victims of political repressions.

According to the decree of the third President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko No. 431/2007 “On measures in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Great terror – the mass political repression of 1937-1938”, this day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of may.

Today, President Petro Poroshenko, the government and Parliament, the clergy and the public on the territory of National historical memorial reserve “bykivnya graves” (Kiev) will honor the memory of those who are buried there, victims of Stalinist repression. This is stated in the report of the Institute of national remembrance.

Bykivnia burial of victims of Stalinist repression refers to the largest on the territory of Ukraine. During 1937-1941. trucks almost every night brought a body shot in the Kiev prison of the NKVD for secret burials in Bykivnia forest. Last found peace here, according to various estimates, from 15 to more than 100 thousand people who were tortured during interrogation or were shot extrajudicially by NKVD in Kyiv. Among them – writers Mikhail Semenko, Mike Johansen, Veronica Chernyakhovsky, the artists Mikhail Boichuk, Mykola kasperovych, academics Fedor Kozubovsky, Petro Suprunenko, UAOC Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky tens of thousands of other victims of Stalin’s “Great terror” in 1937-1938.

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