Port in Syria are unable to leave ten Ukrainian sailors

Порт в Сирии не могут покинуть десять украинских моряков

The Ship Starshina Derov N. G

Residents of Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev and Kiev are trying to survive away from home, as their ship arrested.

From Syria are unable to return home ten Ukrainian sailors, who are arrested for the debts of the ship. This was reported in the Fund of the seamen’s Assol.

It is noted that four months ago through the company Alliance navigation (Kherson) sailors concluded the contract with Turkish shipowner and went as they promised, to Lebanon on Board the vessel.

However it became known later that the ship is in Syria, and on arrival, the captain of the port of Tartus took the passports and other documents of the Ukrainians.

We also found out that the previous crew Starshina Derov N. G (1972 construction) almost two years have not been paid, and the ship in terrible condition.

In addition Starshina Derov N. G and the shipowner under the threat of sanctions for repeated visits to the occupied Crimea, and the ship is arrested for the debts of the owner at the suit of a third party.

It is emphasized that the crew was not informed about these circumstances during the recruitment and arrival in Syria have not been paid.

Only after the intervention of diplomatic services of Ukraine managed to achieve the minimum supply on Board water and provisions. The owner through his representative, informed the crew that hoped to receive a wage not worth it.

Thus, Ukrainians are unable to return home, as the captain of the port of Tartus does not give permission to leave the ship and does not return the documents, and the company-the intermediary is not willing to intervene in the situation.

In Bulgaria arrested a ship with 12 Ukrainians

Recall that in March 2015 the ship Asian Dream detained in the port of Varna, killing 14 Ukrainian sailors a few days starving due to inactivity.