Posture correctors and bandages for pregnant women from Toros-Group: healthy back and feel wonderful.

Корректоры осанки и бандажи для беременных от Toros-Group: здоровая спина и прекрасное самочувствие

The modern pace of life and lack of regular physical activity can lead to diseases of the spine and joints. You can solve them, taking expensive drugs, but more effective prevention of complications.

To help designed products of European quality from Ukrainian company “Toros-Group”: a specially designed corset for the back, orthopedic support structure, antenatal and postnatal bandages.

Regardless of whether you are looking for corset for posture, bandages for joints or medical products, the range contains models, convenient to use made of modern materials. If you need a bandage for pregnant women, you can be sure of its safe effects on the body of the expectant mother and the benefits for the younger child.

Why the need for corsets and posture correctors and when to wear them

Fatigue and pain in different parts of the back, stooped posture and spine diseases — common diseases associated with sedentary work, driving a car, overweight. Podiatrists say the violation of posture in children in the first school that requires effective solutions. To posture corrector, benefit for health, it is necessary to consider such nuances:

Before you choose the size, make independent measurements and compare them with the table.

To determine the model that may be c bracing and without
Read the recommendations and, if necessary, to view the video demonstrating the method of application.

A separate category orthopedic products for the spine and joints “Toros-Group” are supporting corsets and postoperative medical bandages. Which one is better, it is necessary to specify at the attending physician. As the prenatal bandage them to the exact size and taking into account the state of health.

Корректоры осанки и бандажи для беременных от Toros-Group: здоровая спина и прекрасное самочувствие



Where to buy the best orthopedic products in Kiev and delivery to the regions

18 years of work and searching for the best solutions allowed the company “Toros group” to develop products that aims to change people’s lives for the better. With its help, you are guaranteed a slender posture, healthy spine, rapid rehabilitation after surgery and injury. Especially for women was released a series of products, including prenatal and postnatal bandage, creating the maximum comfort of the future mother. All products have certificates proving its safety and high efficiency, is recommended for prophylaxis, for rehabilitation and treatment of consumers in the EU.

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