Povetkin: We always drink Mildronat

Поветкин: Мы всегда пили милдронат

Povetkin told about the use of Meldonium

Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin told about the situation with the use of Meldonium.

“Of course, we still have and the fans have always given Mildronate. We always drink Mildronat, and he had no considered. I don’t even remember when it was banned, have to ask the doctors,” – said Povetkin Match TV.

“I always wanted to be a world champion and I still do. Of course, I want to step into the ring and face off with the strongest rivals” – said the Russian boxer.

“Wilder was saying that I have changed the shape of the skull after taking illegal drugs? This is nonsense. We have to see that he’s changed. We are not accustomed to, someone to pour dirt. I believe that time will show. Truth is on our side, and everything will be as it should be,” – said Povetkin.

Earlier SPORT bigmir)net, Alexander Povetkin passed the positive doping test of Meldonium on the eve of the title fight with world champion under the version of world Boxing Council (WBC) by Deontay Wilder. The fight was scheduled for 21 may, but Wilder has said about the cancellation.

Povetkin’s promoter Andrei Ryabinsky has tried to justify the fact that the Russians took Meldonium in September, he could remain in the blood, but the American side countered that Meldonium was discovered only in the last of the four doping samples.

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