Pranker Vova, and Lexus were in the base of a Peacemaker

Пранкеры Вован и Лексус попали в базу Миротворца

Vova, and Lexus is now the Peacemaker

The former President is charged with violation of the state border and aiding the invaders.

Site database the Peacemaker joined the Russian pranker Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) and Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova).

On the website of the Peacemaker said that the culprit here came for deliberate violation of the state border of Ukraine with the purpose of penetration on the Russian-occupied territory of Donetsk region and illegal commercial activities in the occupied territory. It is also noted that Stolyarov is an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea.

As reported, on 2 October in Donetsk national University, which is under the control of the DNI, was the existence and Lexus.