Pregnancy changes a woman’s brain for two years – scientists

Беременность изменяет мозг женщины на два года – ученые

Pregnant woman

With pregnancy decreases the volume of the gray matter of the expectant mother.

Magnetic resonance imaging has shown how pregnancy decreases the volume of the gray matter of the expectant mother. Perhaps in this way, the body prepares to meet the needs of the child. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

The study lasted more than five years. It was attended by 25 first time pregnant and 20 never beremennyh women and their partners.

The brain scans showed a clear distinction between future mothers and the rest of the study participants: first, there was a reduction in gray matter in medial frontal and posterior parietal cortex and in prefrontal and temporal lobe. These areas of the brain responsible for empathy, the ability to understand others and other social processes. The changes persisted for two years after pregnancy.

“These changes may reflect, at least partially, the mechanism of synaptic pruning when weak synapses are eliminated, forming a more efficient and specialized neural networks,” said psychologist Anselin Harsema from the Barcelona Autonomous University in Spain.

The loss of volume of gray matter is not connected with negative consequences – none of the pregnant participants did not have problems with memory and other cognitive functions.

First child born from three parents

Earlier, scientists called morning sickness sign of healthy pregnancy.

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