Premier League was removed from the mountain 9 points

Премьер-лига сняла с Говерлы 9 очков

Alexander Shufrich and Vyacheslav Grozny

Hoverla Uzhhorod have received penalties for failure to comply with the decision of the FTC FFU.

Uzhgorod Goverla punished by the removal of the 9 points in the standings of the championship of Ukraine. This is the official website of the Premier League.

It is reported that the sentence of the Uzhgorod club suffered due to failure of solutions of KDK FFU of February 12, 2016 March 3, 2016, in view of what the mountain was punished by withdrawal of 3 and 6 points respectively in the tournament.

Thus, after the hardships of the mountain 9 points this team situated on 13th place of the standings. at asset 7 points. Below is only starring with the championship of the Zaporozhye Metallurgist with 3 points.

Earlier it was reported that the FFU count the middle two technical defeat

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