Press center ATO reported on the tense situation in Mariupol direction

Пресс-центр АТО сообщил о напряженной обстановке на мариупольском направлении

During the day, the militants 15 times used the weapon against the Ukrainian military. This reports the press center of staff ATO.

In Luhansk region the militants opened fire from grenade launchers at the positions of AFU in the area of Popasnaya.

Strongholds of Ukrainian units from the Leporidae, not far from temporarily occupied by Russian-terrorist forces of Gorlovka, fired from small arms and grenade launchers.

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The village of Lugansk, which have Svetlodarsk reservoir, came under enemy fire from heavy machine antitank grenade launchers.

The strengthening of the ATO forces near Avdiivka Pro-Russian bands fired from the automatic easel grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, mortars caliber 82 mm, and is banned by the Minsk agreements 120-mm mortars.

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Most violations by militants of the “regime of silence” in the past days, I’ve been on the Mariupol direction. There our positions at Birch twice been under enemy fire from 82-mm mortars and grenade launchers.

Near Chermalyk the enemy hit from anti-tank missiles and automatic easel grenade launchers, Pavlopol from anti-aircraft guns. Defenders Szerokiego illegal armed groups fired with small arms.

Since the beginning of the day, the attacks by fighters of positions of VSU continue. In particular, the strong points of forces of ATO in the area of Novotroitsk were fired from mortars caliber 82 mm and 120, and Szerokiego – from small arms.

As you know, may 11, according to the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry during the meeting of foreign Ministers of “Norman Quartet” (Ukraine, France, Germany, Russia) in Berlin was unable to reach consensus with the Kremlin about the conditions for holding elections in the Donbass.