Press conference of Yanukovych, after an interrogation: online

Пресс-конференция Януковича после допроса: онлайн

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych to explain to reporters his testimony given during the interrogation in the case of the Maidan on 28 November.

In Rostov-on-don, Russian media began a press-conference of Viktor Yanukovich – as soon as Yanukovych interrogation online, which was completed by a Ukrainian court at 7pm on November 28.

Online broadcast press conference of Yanukovych 28.11.2016:

This is the second press conference that Yanukovych spends the last days. As you know, on Friday, November 25, he already gave a press conference to the media in Rostov – on a day when the court postponed the hearing for November 28.

Today to reporters, Yanukovych intends to clarify his testimony given in court.

Questioning Yanukovych completed in full. The questioning of the second witness – a former commander of the Internal troops of Ukraine Stanislav Shulyak – in the case of shootings of the Maidan will start on 2 December at 13:00. 1 December will be the interrogation of one of the victims.

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