Press conference of Yanukovych. That said

Пресс-конференция Януковича. Что говорил

Viktor Yanukovych gave a press conference

Press conference of Viktor Yanukovych lasted half an hour.

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych held a press-conference, devoted to the cause of independence, Rostov-on-don on November 25.

He also asked questions about the annexation of Crimea, the role of Russia in the Donbass, if he was going to return to politics, and does not regret that did not sign the agreement with the EU and did not enter the military situation in Ukraine.

Online broadcast press conference of Yanukovych 25.11.2016 will be available on Корреспондент.net.

A text stream

19:55 goodbye, Yanukovych said. Press conference of former Ukrainian President ended.

19:54 Yanukovych poosala to talk to reporters after the questioning, which is scheduled for November 28.

19:52 the Ex-President believes that Ukraine will be stabilized and Ukraine will be a different country. He called Poroshenko “to end the war and release the soldiers.”

19:50 Yanukovych says that, a priori, against the bloodshed and he could not be the decree of the violent dispersal of the Maidan.

19:46 “Why do we prinali the law on non-aligned status of Ukraine… This question is not only purely Ukrainian. Ukraine was a factor of stability in Europe and the world. A huge role is played by Ukraine,” – says Yanukovych.

19:43 In the Donbas lot of “mercenaries and volunteers from Russia”, but also in other countries – France, the Balkans, etc.

He told the story of how in the area of Melitopol his motorcade was ambushed, which was organized by people without opoznovatelnyh signs and she spoke in a foreign language.

“Probably mercenaries, we managed to get away from Lavochki”, – Yanukovych told.

19:41 What is the role of Russia in the conflict in the Donbass, Yanukovych asked.

“The interest to be attributed to Russia, everything is very big, huge. One of the reasons why Ukraine became a hostage of this policy and Ukraine are trying to use to influence Russia. Military interest, to exert pressure on Russia.”

19:37 Yanukovych said the journalist of STB channel, that it is unworthy to waste time.

19:35 In the textbooks, said Yanukovych, he will write the truth. Because right now, everything except the name, surname and patronymic – lies.

19:33 Donbass self-sufficient region. But surely someone was helping him, but Yanukovych didn’t know, but thanked them. The former President answered a question on the financing of Donbass.

19:32 Yanukovych said that is not funded by the Donbass, because he has no money.

19:30 is former commander of the BB Stanislas Shulyak, who now lives in Russia. He talked a lot and tedious, in short: “order on the execution of the Maidan – the mythical, all the actions of the security forces – the norm of the Charter”.

On the issue of weapons of the aunts: “I could not give such an order. To do so is to sign your own death warrant”.

Пресс-конференция Януковича. Что говорил



19:26 Resolution are Pleased that the President withdrew – is wrong, says Yanukovych.

“The number 22 I was in Harkove and Donetsk, 23 – in the Crimea, 24 left the Crimea… the People are misinformed, deputies misinformed. The first States that recognized the current government, elected in an unconstitutional way – Sweden and Germany, and then everything, well, including the United States.”

19:25 the Lawyer accused the Ukrainian authorities of disrupting the questioning.

19:23 the question about the reasons of failure of the interrogation he had forwarded to his lawyer. According to him, the eagle is not planned to bring to court applications in jail was not.

19:20 “I Hope that Western backers of the current government will create competitive conditions in politics.” And then, according to Yanukovych, the elections in Ukraine.

19:16 the question of what former President is doing now, he said that the family pays much attention to the grandchildren and migration of relatives.

19:15 Yanukovych offered openly to talk with the current government, but, in his words, “they don’t want people to know the truth.”

19:13 According to Yanukovych, Ukrainian companies were not interested in the agreement with the EU.

19:12 “We were forced to suspend the signing of the agreement and return to this issue, for example, in March 2014”.

19:10 For six months before the date of signing of the agreement with the EU reduced its trade relations with Ukraine and Yanukovych has noticed that in the European markets replacement is not there.

19:07 “was the question of free trade area, which did not correspond to the natsionalnyi interests.”

19:06 Question of the signing of the associations agreement with the EU was not, said the ex-President.

19:01 “the Law on Amnesty to participants of Maydan – violates the constitutional rights of citizens.”

18:58 Maidan provoked the secession of the Crimea, said the former President.

18:57 Yanukovych told about the shelling and burning of buses with Crimeans, who were traveling to Kiev to “to talk about the reluctance of war”.

18:56 No one (of the Crimeans) did not condemn peaceful protesters on the Maidan.

18:55 the secession of the Crimea is bad, says the former President.

18:54 of Patriotism of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Yanukovych is a matter of respect.

18:53 Introduction of troops would lead to civil war, “a hand was raised to sign the document” on the military situation.

18:51 Yanukovych with three volumes of evidence of crimes on Maidan, on the way to fourth.

18:50 “I Have not had any accounts.” From Ukraine Yanukovych brought only personal belongings in your hand Luggage.

18:48 my main mistake – I could not, did not find the forces to the introduction of troops and military survey is the only way to stop the radicals, did not go to the bloodshed, Yanukovych said.

18:47 Former President recalled the death of his younger son.

18:46 Ukrainian journalist accused of treason Yanukovcyh and the introduction of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

18:43 Without the provision of broad autonomy to the Donbass to resolve the conflict is impossible, says Yanukovych.

18:41 “If seized power (the current government of Ukraine) came to the Donbass and talk to people, then there would be no war, but they let go of the tanks and armored personnel carriers”.

18:38 of resolving the situation in the East of Ukraine have to cease fire and to withdraw troops, says former President.

18:37 was Initially against the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Yanukovych for the preservation of Donbass as part of Ukraine.

18:35 “my Dream is that in my homeland, the Donbass, the war ended”. Thinks Yanukovych, not to return to politics.

18:34 the question as it relates to the current government of Ukraine, Yanukovych cited sociological data, which, according to him, talking about the negative attitude of the people.

18:32 Yanukovych quoted Friedrich Engels, “There are two ways to decompose the nation to punish the innocent and to punish the perpetrators.”

18:31 Disrupted the court session in Kiev, one who is directly related to crimes on the Maidan, Yanukovych said.

18:28 we All know that the snipers were shooting from buildings, controlled by Maidan, said the former President.

18:27 Yanukovych accused the Ukrainian side in the disruption of Doros.

18:22 the Former President Viktor Yanukovych left to journalists.

Earlier today, held a hearing, which was supposed to stand for questioning Yanukovych’s online on Skype. The ex-President came in for questioning and insisted on holding it, but the Ukrainian court, under the pretext of absence of the former Berkut officers to the meeting, which are held in a criminal case, postponed questioning on Monday, November 28.

Пресс-конференция Януковича. Что говорил

Yanukovych interrogation 25.11.2016 (photo EPA)

As you know, vyvedenie ex-Berkut officers from the detention facility where they are held blocked by the Right sector.

In addition, it was reported this morning that the interrogation of Yanukovych may be disrupted due to a fire in Kiev, which night have arisen near the building of the Svyatoshinsky regional court on the street Zhylianska. It was reported that the fire resulted in power outages in some homes and may be a problem with the Skype connection, but the connection during the session worked perfectly.


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