Press conference Onishchenko: online

Пресс-конференция Онищенко: онлайн

Alexander Onishchenko

Fugitive oligarch Alexander Onishchenko gave a press-conference on Skype.

Wednesday, December 21, the oligarch Alexander Onishchenko held a press-conference for Ukrainian mass media on Skype.

During the press conference, he admitted that was a member of shady deals by bribing MPs, accused the people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko that it monitors all the tenders and of the President of Petro Poroshenko in the “privatizatsii” the Verkhovna Rada.

Also Onishchenko said that three years ago he predicted “the arrival” on PrivatBank.

Recall now Onishchenko hiding abroad. If you believe him, Onishchenko has pack dirt on Poroshenko. The recordings allegedly featured information about the spin flow of money and shares in favor of the business of the President of Ukraine. This dirt Onishchenko gave US. According to fugitive ex-Deputy, during the year he was recording private conversations with the President on a wrist-watch with voice recorder.

In Ukraine Onishchenko faces arrest in the case of the subsidiary. In the GPU I believe that being a beneficiary of the operators of the subsidiary, Onishchenko organized criminal group with the purpose of taking possession of her means.

Earlier, the NAB made a questioning Onishchenko on video.

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