Press conference Poroshenko. Chronicle

Пресс-конференция Порошенко. Хроника

Online broadcast press conference of Petro Poroshenko on may 14 on the occasion of Europe Day and the abolition of the visa regime with the EU.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will hold a press conference on Sunday, may 14.

The last time the President gave an open press conference in almost a year ago on 3 June 2016.

The press conference will be held on the occasion of Europe Day, and of granting Ukraine a visa-free regime with the European Union.

It will start at 15:00 at the Administration of President (Bankova street, 11).

Корреспондент.net will hold an online broadcast of the press conference of the President.


A text stream

17:05 that’s all. To new online games.

17:04 lastly, the President again congratulated and promised that the next press conference so long and not have to wait.

17:00 the Last question about Eurovision. Poroshenko congratulates all, believes that everything was organized at a high level. The winner’s song from Portugal the President was very pleased. I liked the performances Onuki and Jamala. Actually about the contestant from the Ukraine Poroshenko said nothing.

16:59 Press conference is nearing an end. Question about avtonomia Crimean Tatars – Poroshenko says that it is the task of parilment, and he is ready to make a proposal at any time.

16:54 question – why the published works on the channel of Rinat Akhmetov – I love my wife, she did not consult with me where to work.

16:48 a Question about dual citizenship. Poroshenko says, stop the citizenship of hundreds of people, this is a normal procedure in violation of the law.

Poroshenko claims that he has another citizenship. And in Parliament should not be people with dual citizenship.

16:46 About the company the former owners of PrivatBank nothing special Poroshenko can not say. One law for all – nothing special for Igor Kolomoisky to take will not.

16:40 the Question about a t-shirt of the son of Poroshenko with the inscription “RUSSIA”. Poroshenko said that the son wore a t-shirt for a Nativity scene for Halloween. But the President still believes that this is wrong, so he had a conversation with my son.

Poroshenko says sent their children to study abroad, so that they did not have the privilege during their studies in Ukraine.

16:35 Half an hour there is a press conference, have an opportunity to ask 22 questions.

16:33 the Journalists say that e-Declaration doesn’t work because nobody checks. Poroshenko is responsible for can I ask – where did you get the money. So nobody asks, that’s the problem.

16:29 Poroshenko said that the Minsk agreement do not work because of Vladimir Putin, and do with it anything.

“The Minsk agreements allow the world to show who is to blame,” – said Poroshenko.

16:24 Poroshenko’s team is Also asked if he was an ordinary voter, why would he vote for such a candidate as he is. Poroshenko first said that he to evaluate it incorrectly, and then began to list – bezviz is, the Association is, the case against Yanukovych to investigate.

16:23 Poroshenko said – you always praise yourself for any failures of state policy, are you willing to take personal responsibility. Did not answer this question the President.

16:20 Now Poroshenko is justified for the profit of your Bank. Recall, the international investment Bank in January-March 2017 received 26,818 million net profit, which is 2.9 times more than in the same period of 2016.

According to the national Bank on January 1, 2017, the Bank’s main shareholder is the President Petro Poroshenko, in total owning 60% of shares.

16:17 Again about the case Sheremet. Poroshenko always says that he asked the FBI and asked to help in the investigation. Journalists have also noted that the FBI in fact did not allow the investigation or investigative activities, nor to the analysis of the video.

But Poroshenko information that international experts were involved in all activities.

“We are in the same boat, I am also even more interested in the truth,” – said Poroshenko. What can I do, what steps are necessary to investigate the case asks Poroshenko.

16:12 Again the question about the prisoners. The separatists disrupted the exchange, according to Poroshenko. And the separatists who sit in our prisons – I do not want to go back to Lugansk and Donetsk.

16:08 Question from Odessa – as Poroshenko evaluates the work of the new Governor. Normally assess – fighting corruption. The SCR will be privatized, said the President, there is no alternative.

16:03 the President was charged with failure of a murder investigation Sheremet. And he says there is not and cannot be a substitute for a consequence, to create a new body.

Poroshenko says six times met with representatives of the investigative group on the case of Sheremet.

Again invites journalists with some issues to his guests.

It turns out at the same time Poroshenko said that he can not deal with the consequence, put pressure on the investigation, but if someone has a problem, come and see me.

16:01 Poroshenko apologized to the journalists for what they were not allowed at the press conference in a t-shirt “Who killed Paul?”.

16:00 the answer to the question about Norman moved to the story about the latest attack on Avdeevka, which led to casualties among the civilian population. Poroshenko promises to help everyone.

15:54 of Poroshenko says several times, “absolutely brilliant” and talked with Donald trump on the phone. And USA cooperate very effectively. In the near future in the United States, even the special representative for policy toward Ukraine will appoint.

Next week, Clinton will travel to Berlin to discuss with Merkel the new negotiations in the Normandy format. Need this due to the fact that Russia, presale fake documents separatists.

15:52 Ukraine is interested to work in the Normandy format. The US was involved and will be involved in these negotiations. Nothing new.

15:50 Again the question about Gontareva. Famliy new head of the NBU Poroshenko is still not called. Says over the summer will have time to find a new Chairman of the national Bank.

15:46 Question about the year of Yuri Lutsenko, the head of the Prosecutor General. Poroshenko advised Lutsenko to report in the Verkhovna Rada.

The answer about the effectiveness of Lutsenko turned into the story of the trial of Yanukovych. In short, the case of Yanukovych – the main success Lutsenko, especially the return of the so-called “money of Yanukovych”.

During the year more than 50 billion returned Lutsenko says Poroshenko. Probably talking about the hryvnia.

15:45 Poroshenko invites all journalists with the problems immediately go to him.

15:40 the President asked about the persecution of critics of the government, he says that now unprecedented freedom in the country. No restrictions from the authorities there, according to the President.

The SBU unprecedented challenges due to cyberwar, says Poroshenko, struggling with information troops of Russia. According to the President, the SBU warned terroresticheskoy more attacks than any other intelligence Agency in Europe. So he asks sympathetic to the work of the SBU. That is, to organize rallies against civil society activists is it possible? The question about this was.

Poroshenko said that was fevrale 2015 analyst SBU receives.

15:38 Now the President reflects on changes to the Constitution. Poroshenko supports the abolition of immunity of deputies. But about political reform, the transition to a parliamentary Republic didn’t say anything.

15:35 On the nomination for a second term while Poroshenko did not speak. According to him, two years there.

15:33 Question about the road to Nikolaev, which is not. And Poroshenko said that the roads we build.

15:20 the Question about film Onishchenko. Recall that Onishchenko directly accusing Poroshenko in corruption. The President said that films are never heard and says that if Onishchenko has something to convey to the investigating authorities – please let reports.

According to Poroshenko, Onishchenko just builds himself political protection, accusing him. Poroshenko advises Onishchenko to come to Ukraine and give all the evidence to the NEB. Appears ready was the President to this question, confidently said.

“I want to advise his friends to come to Ukraine to testify… Who gave? Who gave? For what asked?” – said Poroshenko.

15:27 Question about Valeria Gontareva. The President says he will not quit, but fired her only the Verkhovna Rada. He has a few candidates, but wants to discuss them with Parliament.

Also Poroshenko thanked Gontareva for the work.

15:25 Repeats Poroshenko and the version of the SBU about the dismissal of an employee who was seen at the murder scene Sheremet. Says this employee by the name Ustimenko tomorrow to be interrogated.

Poroshenko said that he is ready to play in the same shirt.

15:23 Poroshenko himself, without question, decided to speak on the topic of the murder of Pavel Sheremet. In the hall some journalists sitting in t-shirts with the inscription “Who killed Paul?”.

The President says that he knew Sheremet, considered a friend. According to Poroshenko, he invited the world’s best investigators to investigate the murder Sheremeta, but for some reason journalists do better to investigate.

15:22 Poroshenko said that his last conversation with Vladimir Putin concerned the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages in Russia. We talked about the journalist Roman Sushchenko. President zayavlyaet that will do everything to return all Ukrainians home.

15:21 of the First question from state news Agency UKRINFORM is unexpected. Touted bezviz.

15:19 introductory speech is over – now for the questions. Checked 191 media representative.

15:18 It’s time for a story about the success of Ukrainian reforms.

15:13 “Now only a madman would call the Ukraine part of the Russian world”, – said Poroshenko. President quotes by Mykola Khvylovy – “get out of Moscow, give Europe!”.

Bezviz – overcoming the consequences of the Pereiaslav Council, said Poroshenko.

15:10 As expected, the press conference began with the story of Poroshenko about the benefits bizwise.

He said that Ukrainians can travel without visas in 52 countries, and in June, added 34 countries to the EU.

“Bezviz is a giant step towards Europe, approval of human freedom, of independence of Ukraine, exit from the so-called post-Soviet States”.

15:05 Poroshenko for almost a year not talking to the press. Waiting for a big win? Wait provide bezveza and now came to the media.

15:00 Hello, Correspondent together with you, look first for the year press conference of President of Ukraine.