Press or save? SBU vs Motor-Sich

Отжимают или спасают? СБУ против Мотор-Сич

The security service of Ukraine held obski in the largest machine building enterprise of the country, the owner talking about trying raiding.

The security service of Ukraine conducted searches in the office of public joint stock company “Motor Sich” in Zaporozhye. Special forces carried out the seizure of certain documents. The case deals with suspicions of sabotage.

Корреспондент.net understood what was happening with the largest enterprise in the country.

What’s the matter?

Police believe that a controlling stake of “Motor Sich” took the aliens to move production, technology transfer and weaken Ukraine. The reason for opening the case was the sale of 56% of shares of “Motor Sich” for Chinese investors, affiliated with Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

ВрамкахведущегосяСБУрасследованияшевченковскийрайонныйсудкиеваарестовал41% action“Motorsich”, которыехранятсянасчетахкомпанииDragon Capital to prynadlezhaschaya: Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited (Virginstow) Business House Helena (Panama), Enfields Trade & Capital Corp. (Panama), Waldo Trade Ltd (Brianscalabrine), Granum Corporation (Panama).

Who sold the company’s shares authorized persons of the owner of Beijing Chinese Skyrizon the investigation could not figure out.

Version of the enterprise

The plant called the searches, the SBU part of raider capture of the enterprise. “What happened yesterday is part of a plan to raider capture. This is a serious blow to the reputation. Today I met with representatives of some countries and explained to them that this is the raider attacks,” – said the President of the company “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslayev and flatly rejected the suspicions of the SBU.

In “Motor Sich” said that the sale of the shares to a Chinese investor, as well as cooperation with the Chinese side for the organization of licensed production of aircraft engines in the Ukrainian people’s Republic of China (PRC) are carried out in strict accordance with the law.

What happens?

For searches SBU can stand the simple desire to force the current shareholders to sell shares to persons close to the security forces, said the expert of Department of securities of the investment company Dragon Capital Sergey Fursa.

“It is probably a corruption interest, perhaps someone else wants to buy Motor Sich and through the SBU wants to do with it. Perhaps, public interest. After all, the company Motor Sich is a major company and I would not want to lose existing technology, and to close this plant,” he said.

Another version explaining the events around the “Motor Sich” – the attempt of the authorities to suppress the work of the enterprise with Russia bypassing sanctions. Buy the Chinese shares of “Motor Sich” may be a veiled restoration of joint projects with Russia. Now these projects will be implemented in China.

Have Zaporizhzhya enterprises and other cooperation with Russia – at the time, Vyacheslav Boguslayev acquired Orsha repair plant in Belarus and was served by Russian aircraft (the engines are Ukrainian manufacturer installed in the models of the an – 24, an – 26, an – 32 and Mi – 8 helicopters). Russian equipment serves its several sites in Ukraine (in particular, the repair plants in Vinnitsa and Lutsk).

Analyst “Europetrol” Vyacheslav Konovalov admits that it was the Belarusian, and the trail became a major in the list of claims SBU. “Although the Russians and launched a policy of import substitution and even said that he had developed his engine for Mi-8 helicopters, Ukrainian products remains strategically important for them. Moreover, the “Motor Sich” is not in place and issues a new development. For example, the latest modification of the helicopter engine allows you to raise it to 8 thousand meters above the ground, beyond the reach of most competitors,” said Konovalov.