Preuss and Hauser miss Christmas race

Пройсс и Хаузер пропустят Рождественскую гонку

Franziska Preuss (front)

Germany and Austria suffered unexpected losses before tomorrow’s Christmas race.

Recall that tomorrow in Gelsenkirchen will host the traditional Christmas race. Official website of the event reported today on some changes in the composition of the participants.

So changes undergone by the German Duo. It was assumed that the race tomorrow will participate Franziska Preuss and Simon Schempp, however, the disease athletes has confused all the cards to the coaches of the German national team. As a result, the company Shempp in Gelsenkirchen will be Vanessa Hinz, which reduces the chances of the owners of the track for the final success. However, one should not forget that Germany will have another duet in the face Franziska Hildebrand and Erik Lesser.

In addition, a serious blow to their ambitions survived the Austrian team. Almost the only representative of the strong local team-Lisa Theresa Hauser also forced to miss the race, so tomorrow Simon Eder is a very young Julia Schweiger.

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