Prilepin: Carpenter arrived in Moscow economy class

Прилепин: Плотницкий прилетел в Москву эконом-классом

Carpenter noticed in Sheremetyevo

If you currently have FSC head was a small bag and a jacket in case.

The self-proclaimed head of the Luhansk people’s Republic were seen in Thursday, 23 November, at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. This was written by a Russian journalist, actively supporting the separatists Zakhar Prilepin on the page Vkontakte.

“Carpenter flew to Moscow from Rostov was on a regular flight. Here just landed. Economy class, a quiet man without protection. All one,” – wrote Prilepin.

According to him, the head of the LC concerned looks. “Almost peaceful”, he added.

He also said that in the Sheremetyevo waiting two Carpentry operatives went after him. Prilepin added that when a head of the Lugansk militants had a small bag on his shoulder and a jacket in case.

“All for new life”, concluded Park.

As reported, the motorcade, which contained the head LNR Igor Carpenter, the head of his administration Irina Tatman, the head of the STRC LC Anastasia Cherkaeva and several other persons, went to Russia.