Prince: in arrested the gang two security officials – media

Княжичи: в задержанной банде двое силовиков - СМИ

In arrested the gang turned out to be two security officers

All arrested eight suspected members of the gang, all of them already selected a measure of restraint.

Two of the eight suspected gang members, during the operation to arrest which the police and KORD staged a gunfight in the City are law enforcement officers, according to RIA Novosti Ukraine with reference to press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev.

“The arrest of eight people groups, he elected a measure of restraint. Two of them are employees of law enforcement bodies, one of the divisions of the Ministry of internal Affairs”, – said the press service.

On the eve of another two suspects for the Princes chose a measure of restraint. One of them was arrested, a second was put under house arrest.

Previously, the court chose to measure the six members of the gang. Five of them – detention, one – house arrest.

We will remind, the robbers, who were the target of the RAID, was detained in the moment when they came from Prince to two pre-prepared cars. The police also showed video of the detained gang.