Prince: the court explained the reinstatement to the position of helper

Княжичи: суд объяснил восстановление на должности фигуранта

Court of Kiev reinstated to the position of chief of police investigation Department in Kiev, Leonid Smoking

Evidence of the legality of the dismissal of Leonid Smoke, so the court restored him on the post of chief of police investigation Department in Kiev.

The district administrative court of Kiev has reinstated the position of chief of police investigation Department in Kiev, Leonid Smoking due to the lack of evidence of the legality of his dismissal. On Monday, January 15, reported on the website of the court.

It is noted that the need to court the materials of the official investigation were seized from the national police and handed over to the Prosecutor. The GPU refused to transfer the said document, including said it was impossible to make copies of them.

The court say that in connection with the termination of the hearing, the judge of District administrative court of Kyiv Ruslan arsiriy p. about noted that the decision was taken based on the findings in the court proceedings of the facts and circumstances.

“He noted that the court has carried out repeated attempts to recover the materials of official investigation on the fact of examination of the circumstances of events with participation of policemen in the village knyazhichi. However, it was found that the material was removed from the Ministry and sent to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. At the same time the Prosecutor General informed the court that it is impossible to provide one copy of requested documents for possible disclosure of secrecy of the investigation and the disclosure of state secrets during the trial, it was also noted”, – stated in the message.

It is also noted that the investigation file was the only document confirming the legality of the removal of the Smoke, on the basis of which a decision was made to reinstate him at the position.

Earlier, the Pechersk district court chose a measure of restraint to the defendant about the shooting at the Prince, former chief of the criminal investigation Department Leonid Smoking in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest.Later it was restored to the posts of chief of the Metropolitan police investigation.

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