Printing via the Internet: how to avoid mistakes in the choice of the contractor

Полиграфия через Интернет: как не ошибиться в выборе подрядчика

In the General flow of the goods offered on the Internet today, printing products are not as noticeable as appliances or clothing. However, the volume of orders for printing services placed via the Internet, is growing steadily.

This is not surprising: the printing was quite wealthy even before the pressure of the Internet. In the framework of the convergence of information platforms, Network technology, and analog, at first glance, printing it matched.

It is in the symbiosis of publishing and the Internet has manifested the characteristic features of the convergence of technologies merging, mutual Supplement and enrichment.

The Internet has changed the face of printing

The printing has brought in the Internet something new – this additional traffic and opportunities to promote the Network is augmented reality, various means of identification of users, implemented by using printing technologies, and more.

But I think the Internet has given the printing industry a little more. Yes, at a certain stage of Network technology was a clear threat to the printing industry, more precisely, its analog part. But not without the influence of the Internet, printing quickly iiprovides, and today it is time to talk about what digital printing is gradually becoming a hegemon. The Internet allows you to supervise the execution of orders at a distance when using machines almost all printing methods, it makes possible remote diagnostics, acceleration of the logistic processes and identification products…

But the most important thing! The Internet has given the printing industry a new impetus in development and created a whole direction associated with ordering products via the Network (Web-to-Print). If in 2000 only 3% of printing orders in the world came from the Internet, in 2010 – 15%, in 2014 – 22%, and in 2016 – 28% (according to the site

Not spared by these developments, and Ukraine. Today through the Internet, any user can easily order prints of euroflora the production of greeting cards, cheap printing flyers.

“Offset booklet printing”, “printing prompt”, “srochnaya Poligrafiya Kiev” is the standard queries that search services provide the user with a lot of links to various resources of the Internet printing. Each store is inviting and beckons”, because it is not easy to determine. And before we tell you how it’s done in Ukraine, a few words about how it is done in Europe and the United States.

How does it work?

In global markets, a certain part of the services Web-to-Print, aimed at the B2B segment, generate different orders of “descents” (the layout of printed sheets for future products) and give them in print shops, geographically close to the offices of the companies, whose orders mostly resulted in the filling of the descent. In addition to the electronic “shutter” in the printing office passed a set of labels for finished products. The task of typography is to print, cut production, lay it on pallets and stick labels. Then come the logistics. And logistics in Europe all right.

The second model known for his work for global services Vistaprint and Flyeralarm. These printing independently generating a flow of orders from customers of the B2B and B2C categories, by themselves and fulfill orders, then carry out the logistics. Probably, their services may resort and specialized services to attract single orders. Only in this case, the path of order to the client a few longer.

But in General the distinction between the two models is obvious.

And in Ukraine?

Ukrainian market of Web-to-Print is somewhat different from the European, where there is a certain gradation of the participants. In Ukraine in the printing market online work a lot of electronic resources that belong to advertising agencies or printing presses, are equipped with a limited set of equipment, is often quite simple – for quick printing of the initial level.

So popular brands in e-Commerce in the printing industry represent the structure, the equipment does not have (although on the websites of such companies approved by totally different). Of course, they work similar to the structure due to traffic generating orders from the web, butt in the field of SEO-optimization, paid search queries for specialized services, looking for customers on Social networks.

Thus, the order is subject to the chain of “customer-specialized service-printing” (as a rule, the print combined circulation, or the meaning of the replacement orders for the service no – your agent discount does not earn). Of course there is some probability of additional failures and errors, because often the customer is necessary to make a model for a specialized service, even online. All this time.

In addition, some client services in the field of online printing prefer to Supplement the traditional scheme of Web-to-Print (posted layout, chose the type of paper and cover, paid and received the products at the specified location) some offline operations (for example, negotiating the details of the order on the phone). This complicates the procedure and increases the time of passing of the order.

Полиграфия через Интернет: как не ошибиться в выборе подрядчика

The right choice!

And only a few companies, for example, all-Ukrainian network of Printing house “wolf” are simultaneously a production site for the print circulation teams and own the aggregators printing orders from the Internet. In this case, the customer places the online order for service, which owns the largest printing house offset printing in Ukraine.

Полиграфия через Интернет: как не ошибиться в выборе подрядчика

The resource is “Online printing” takes into account the interests of both the end customers (B2C segment and intermediaries – advertising agencies and printing-houses offset printing, having such status). Moreover, representatives of corporate businesses are offered a 40% discount on the placement of printing orders. Thus, the direction of B2B and B2C Internet-shop “printing Online” very clearly separated.

Полиграфия через Интернет: как не ошибиться в выборе подрядчика

Procedure to offline in the “Online Printing” is reduced to a minimum. All the essential advice you can get live chat, and if you really really want to talk, request a call. If there is no layout, using a cross menu and can be ordered on the stock Exchange of design determine the budget and selecting from the many proposals any).

“Experience the Internet-shop “printing Online” was so successful that we decided to launch the service in Germany Polygraphy online (the equivalent of “Printing Online”, adapted to European requirements,” – said the head of the branch network of the Printing house “wolf” Tatiana Petrik.

The price of “Printing Online” is not higher than other client services, which provides printing. Every customer is offered a choice of terms of production (1, 3, 5 days), of course, the cost will differ in each of the three cases.

All of the most standard types of products are reflected on the main page of service – with the cost depending on the number, and more detailed information about a particular product can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon. In the opened window you can select the paper type and coverage (“printing Online” offers a refined and glamorous hybrid), the number of parties, the production time and pay for the order, specify the method and address of delivery.

I want to give you good advice — follow the Stock to “Printing Online”. Each week a certain type of product (leaflets, envelopes, booklets, Hungary, flyers or business cards) with a very significant discount.

Remember! Printing products a great tool of marketing communication.

And “printing Online” does everything to ensure that book printing was easier and not costly.

Reference: all-Ukrainian Network of “Typography wolf” includes a production site in Kiev (Marshal Grechko str., 13), three offices in Kiev (in addition to the Printing house “wolf” — this is the only project of Burning Copies and the printer’s “Samurai”), representative offices in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Odessa, Kiev, and Kharkov; the dealers of the company work in more than 20 cities of Ukraine-Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kamyanets-Podolsky, Nikolaev, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Poltava, Rubizhne, Uzhgorod, Chernihiv, Khmelnytsky and others.

All-Ukrainian Network of Printing house “wolf” only in the segment of commercial printing develops a unique technology for hybrid printing (other names TWINspot, drip-off), has implemented the concept of mass-marketing to customers, printing products and at the same time is known to an elite level of execution of printing orders.

In 2015, the Printing house “wolf” was released in the segment of web offset printing with drying (target customers, realtors, retailers and major publishing houses, large companies of various segments of the economy) and announced the release to market of the European Union.

Today, the international Network of the Printing house “wolf” is represented by offices in Germany, Poland, is expected to open offices in Austria, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, the Czech Republic.

In 2015-2016, the Printing house “wolf” has greatly expanded the Park prepress, printing and finishing equipment.

In April, the company’s production was transported to the new site (Marshal Grechko str., 13).