Prison mayhem. What is happening in the detention center of Ukraine

Тюремный беспредел. Что происходит в СИЗО Украины

In the Odessa jail inmate brutally murdered employee.

The news of the brutal murder of the employee of the Odessa SIZO 34-year-old Alena Poroshenko remains the center of attention of the Ukrainian society.

In this situation wildly all mass violations in prison, the lack of serious reaction of the authorities, the actions of law enforcement. has gathered information about the scandal.

The brutal murder of

In the Odessa SIZO, there was a pigsty in violation of any rules and laws. He simply fed the leadership of the detention center.

Caring for pigs in this place 39-year-old Vladimir Chemeris. He was prosecuted under articles 115 and 187 of the criminal code of Ukraine — robbery and murder. He also has a conviction for rape.

According to the former head of the Penitentiary service Sergey Starenky, Chemerys was convicted, but the area was afraid to go, and begged to put him in jail. Supposedly it was due to the fact that during the first salable Chemerys made a “cock.”

With consideration of its belonging to the category “omitted” he feared for his life. And voluntarily expressed a desire to be among the convicts, who are involved in household works. It was found that without appropriate court approval and in violation of the rules of the regime he was brought to kotrabun in jail. Moreover, there were in good standing with the prison administration.

As shown by the inmates Chemerys – last month he did not actually appear in the chamber. All this time he cared for the pigs, and even invited a private prison employees to look for brood.

In hoschette the prisoner also arranged the private life. Here was discovered his clothing, hygiene products and a bed. It is established that the man had unobstructed access to at least two axes and a knife, and these items were unmarked.

“The prisoner in violation of the requirements of the law was throughout the facility for more than two hours per day and last month the camera was. He was entrusted with the execution of works related to pet care, the fact is that the man lived in the utility room”, – told reporters the Prosecutor of Odessa region Oleg Zhuchenko.

On-site piggery Chemeris and killed the inspector of protection of Alain Poroshenko. After that, the axe was cut in two, the girl’s body, cut off the hands and feet, and threw it in the trash.

According to the investigation, Chemeris has confessed to the crime, he faces life in prison.

The reaction of the authorities

The next day after the murder of Alyona Poroshenko has dismissed the head of the Odessa detention center Vyacheslav Koval. The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko, responsible for the prison system, declined to comment.

The Ministry of justice complain about the underfunding as one of the factors that led to the brutal murder of the employee of the Odessa prison.

According to the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshov, this year there were 20 assaults on prison staff, the last case – in the Odessa prison.

In addition, the Deputy Minister of justice drew the attention that the incident that resulted in the death of an employee of the prison, once again demonstrated the insecurity of this work and the need to draw attention to the system and reform it.

In particular, according to Chernyshov, the key problem remains nedokomplekta employees. Due to the low level of funding and, consequently, low wages, men do not want to go to work in the prison system, and in some institutions, almost half of the staff are women, in General, the shortage is about 50%.

The Deputy Minister noted that the budget system this year is about 40% of the required needs less than 4 billion UAH for the entire penitentiary system.

“Please draw this to the attention of the Ministry of Finance, the budget Committee, Verkhovna Rada”, – said Chernyshov.


The murder of an employee at the jail said the beating of detainees.

Relatives of the inmates say that they were beaten specially brought from other regions of Ukraine the employees of the penitentiary institutions.

At the same time, the press Secretary of the Deputy head of Ministry of justice Yury Maslak has denied the information about the acts of terrorism in Odessa prison.

“First of all, I would like to say that violence with violence we will not talk about it, never planned, and it is not our methods. I don’t know who is the original source of this information but you are misinformed… Yesterday at the scene continued to work as law enforcement… Yeah, was reinforced by the regime, but to strengthen the regime — not to mock people,” he said.

According to him, as a result of searches of the inmates of the detention center there were a lot of banned items — mobile phones, sharpening and so on.

However, the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the fact of torture in Odessa prison.

“During the investigation had established the glaring facts of the treatment of prisoners by employees of the penitentiary institutions”, – told in GPU.

The facts of the election, the attitude of healthcare workers to some of the detainees, granting them preferences.

“So, after killing a prison officer searches and “restoring order” was carried out not in all cameras, and not even in all cases. Some places of detention for prisoners in General did not go and did not check the observance of the regime requirements. Along with this, the documentation which was examined by the investigators of the Prosecutor’s office says about conducting searches and appropriate measures in all chambers “, – told in GPU.

Also on the walls of the penitentiary, the investigators found the portrait of Felix Dzerzhinsky. On this fact initiated criminal proceedings for the distribution of representative power of the Communist symbols.