Pristayko about relations with Russia: There is warming

Пристайко об отношениях с РФ: Есть потепление

Vadim pristayko said the Russian Federation’s readiness to negotiate

The new head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, commenting on Russia’s willingness to negotiate, said that “there is some warming.”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko, speaking about readiness of Russia to negotiate, noted that there is a definite warming thaw. He said this on one of the channels, UNN.

“We understand that to restore order we can, if the Ukrainian order will go to our land. We are now looking for a compromise and restore peace. Obviously, it is not in Russia’s interests. It is for this and invented the format of the Minsk agreements. As far as Russia is ready to negotiate – there is a definite warming thaw. Zelensky trying to use it,” said Pristayko.

According to him to negotiate a little time, because the President of Ukraine is not going to wait for the next five years, yet will die to fighters.

Today in the Kremlin stated that they see changes in the atmosphere of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the aftermath of September 7, the exchange of detainees. Today in the Kremlin did not rule out further exchange of prisoners, the preparation of which said Zelensky, and criticized his call for the extension of sanctions against Russia.

Recall, September 7, Ukraine and Russia had an exchange of detained persons by the formula “35 on 35”.

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