Privat warned about failures at ATMs

ПриватБанк предупредил о сбоях в банкоматах

Privat warned Ukrainians

Also possible problems in the terminals and electronic banking.

Today conducted routine maintenance of technical systems. In this regard, the possible failures in the operation of ATMs and electronic banking. About it reports a press-service of PrivatBank.

“PrivatBank has warned clients about possible failures in the ATM network, terminals, and electronic banking from 10:00 on Tuesday, 6 June 2017,” – says the publication.

As reported by the Bank press service, technical glitches will soon be eliminated IT-service of the Bank.

“We bring all of our customers like to apologise for any short-term inconvenience while working with the Bank. Routine maintenance of our technical facilities – these are necessary steps, our experts will restore the service within the hour” – promise in PrivatBank.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously, the NBU said that PrivatBank is not yet ready for privatization. The national Bank waiting for the arrival of a private investor not earlier than 2020.

Recall that in late may of the GPU carried out searches at former employees of PrivatBank.

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