PrivatBank may sell Bukovel and aircraft MAU

ПриватБанк может продать Буковель и самолеты МАУ

NBU expects Privat sell non-core assets

In NBU believe that this non-core Bank assets, which he is not able to manage.

PrivatBank needs to sell non-core assets for themselves. In particular, Bukovel ski resort, the building of the TV channel 1+1 in Ukraine airlines Ukraine International airlines. This was in the “Radio News” on October 7, said Deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova, transmit Ukrainian news.

According to her, in 2016, capitalization, PrivatBank approved the balance non-core assets.

“Last year, during the first stage of recapitalization of the assets was taken on the Bank’s balance sheet in repayment of credit debt. Among them – Bukovel, real estate and aircraft MAU”, – said the Deputy head of the NBU.

Rozhkova noted that all these assets are noncore for a Bank, and he is not able to manage them effectively.

After their assessment and inventory, the Bank, most likely, according to Rozhkova, will make the decision about selling.

“Bukovel – one of the most difficult assets, which, de facto, not subject to the Bank’s management. That is why it needs to sell. The Bank does not have neither the people nor the competence to manage it,” said Rozhkov.

The sale of such assets can be held on the grounds ProZorro or SETS.

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