PrivatBank repaid debt refinancing

ПриватБанк погасил долги по рефинансированию

So the money from monetization will not have a significant impact on the currency market and inflation, say representatives of the NBU.

PrivatBank repaid the debt refinancing after the monetization of government bonds by the national Bank, the press service of the NBU.

Yesterday, the NBU purchased bonds of domestic Treasury bonds in the amount of 25.8 billion hryvnia, which issued the Ministry of Finance for capitalization of the Bank after its transition to public ownership.

The money that the Bank received from the sale were mainly used to repay the Bank’s debt to the national Bank on refinancing loans.

“Yesterday, after the monetization of PJSC CB PrivatBank has repaid this debt before the regulator. Therefore, the proceeds of monetization not…will be used to cover outflows of deposits from the Bank and will not have a significant impact on the currency market and the rate of inflation”, – stated in the message.

Note that the NAB investigating abuse in the refinancing of PrivatBank.

Also recall that the NBU said that the hryvnia devaluation is not associated with PrivatBank.

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