PrivatBank said that already fixed ATMs and terminals

ПриватБанк заявляет, что уже починил банкоматы и терминалы

The entire network of financial institutions serving customers as usual.

The specialists of PrivatBank has completed the routine maintenance work of the technical systems of the Bank.

As the press service of the financial institution, network of branches, ATMs, terminals, and electronic banking Privat24 serving customers as usual.

“We again apologise to all our customers, which at the time of routine maintenance are faced with possible short-term inconvenience in working with the Bank,” Goritsa in the message.

PrivatBank also noted that performing routine maintenance “is necessary to ensure stable operation of the system in light of the increasing load and number of transactions”.

As reported Корреспондент.nettoday PrivatBank warned Ukrainians about the possible disruption of ATM terminals and electronic banking. The Bank stated that specialists conducted routine maintenance of technical systems.

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