PrivatBank threatens nothing.

Приватбанку ничего не угрожает − Гройсман

PrivatBank is stable

The head of government noted that the Bank is stable.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said on air of the ICTV that the stable operation of PrivatBank is not in danger.

“This is a system Bank, which has tens of millions of Ukrainian citizens who have their account or use the services of the Bank. Stability PrivatBank threatens nothing”, − said the head of government.

According to him, the nationalization of banks took place in the interests of Ukrainians and of the banking system and sveral that “did not conduct any negotiations with the owners of the Bank.”

According Groisman, now PrivatBank has the management, there is created an independent Supervisory Board with specialists of international level, hired the best lawyers, auditors, who are working to protect the state’s interests.

About Alexander Shlapak, who headed the Bank after nationalization, Groisman said that he originally held this position temporarily for stabilization of PrivatBank and did my job.

“Now he resigned, moreover, the Prime Minister, the government has not appointed the head of the ego shall appoint an independent Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board will consider this statement and will make a decision. I think that Oleksandr Shlapak very highly skilled, very honest and professional Manager,” said the head of government.

Recall that on 26 June it became known that the Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank Oleksandr Shlapak has resigned.

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