Private security or state. Whom to choose and why

Частная охрана или государственная. Кого выбрать и почему

The security services market is developing quite quickly. And when the customer makes a decision on the professional security of your apartment, it raises the question: what kind of protection to choose – private or public?

On factors that could affect the future choice, we will try to tell you in this article.

Private security personnel are better prepared than in the state. Where such confidence? In any business marketing miscalculation or loss of the “human factor” takes the profit of the whole company, and thus the pocket of the owner. Hence, high-quality recruitment, high level of service, etc. besides the guards there is financial motivation to better perform their jobs, and not just postavka.

Also, unlike state protection from private is that it is often carried out by police officers in certain regulations. Therefore, if the customer decides in favour of the departmental security, you must be aware that they work according to approved rules, which do not change according to the customer. In addition, in the case of SSS (state security service) for possible inspection by government agencies. Private security organizations also have their own internal checks, but they are by appointment and by agreement with the owner of the protected object.

As for the payment, on the state protection law approved fixed rates, at that time, as owners of private security firms determine the amount of payment. Usually, prices bonds higher than the prices of private security organizations.

People have the stereotype that the GSO is better than a private company due to the fact that GSO is a firearm, and private companies – just traumatic. The majority does not know what the GSO does not use a firearm in the city limits, and as a private company, uses non-lethal weapons if necessary.

Technical base (Central unit, which receives the calls; security equipment) will require continual updating and monitoring. In private companies this is due to the subscription fee clients, some of whom regularly comes to the needs associated with the wear and tear of equipment, and state – after subsidies from the budget.

Customer orientation of these structures can, perhaps, compare the examples of public hospitals or postal services and private – both formats work, but the nicer you are to a public clinic or go to a private doctor, to send and receive parcels ukrpochtoy or New?

Employees of those and other security personnel receive ongoing physical training and equipping with the necessary means to ensure the security of the weapons include pepper sprays, rubber batons, body armor, etc.

It should be noted that to date, private security firms and public security work in close partnership, and increasingly in offences, criminals are arrested the private security company and GSO in turn, performs the functions of the police and may not always arrive in time to the protected object, as they can be involved in civil challenges. And this format of cooperation is to some extent optimal, because private security companies are able to make a greater contribution to quality equipment at all stages, timely response to calls and quick apprehension of offenders, while the public service has more powers to further identify the attackers and consideration of penalties for crimes.

So, whatever type of protection you choose for your apartment, refer only to proven professionals who will be able to take on not only guaranteed the obligations of the security of your property, but also financial responsibility.

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Important – if you have thought about home security, don’t postpone decisive action for its implementation for later, because “in advance” to “later” – one quick Heist!