Probe “Yunona” set a record, approaching radioactive Jupiter on record distance

Зонд "Юнона" установил рекорд, приблизившись к радиоактивному Юпитеру на рекордно короткое расстояние

Space probe “Juno” made its first flyby of Jupiter, setting a record for the approach to radioactive planet. The unit was close to the planet for 4.2 km.

It is reported by NASA.

The probe was carried out 36 flights around the planet at a speed of 208 thousand km/h. soon will be published the first pictures.

NASA experts have reported that the device was not damaged and all its systems work as planned.

Recall, NASA launched interplanetary station “Juno” on the orbit of Jupiter. The device became the second artificial satellite after Galileo entered the orbit of the planet, and the ninth spacecraft that have reached the “Jupiter.” To “Juno” none of the apparatus does not fly towards the planet so close. Intense radiation “Jupiter” destroy unprotected electronics.

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The goal of the probe is the study of the chemical composition of the planet, in particular, the availability of oxygen and components of water. “Juno” was launched from Earth in August 2011. The mission cost NASA 1.13 billion.

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