Problems of Olympic sport cling and infect and Paralympic sports

Проблемы олимпийского спорта цепляют и заражают и паралимпийский спорт

Commissioner President on issues of persons with disabilities Valery Sushkevich in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 05.12.2016

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is Valery Sushkevich.

Hello, Valery Mikhailovich. When I recorded an interview with Makarevich, you came to meet him. What are you talking about?

Sushkevich: I am the fan of disney. One of my projects called: “No boundaries”. We wish people who have influence on the consciousness of society, I would say something about people who have problems with disabilities. I spoke with Andrew from the point of view of whether he is ready to take part in our project, which aims to impact on the consciousness of society. He told me that he was just thinking about how to deploy the human brain to that of any man in the wheelchair, prosthesis, a blind man who has equal opportunity in the country. Makarevich just caught this dominant my actions that I implement.

– Practically in all European countries the life of a disabled person is no different from any other person. People have no restrictions. Why Ukraine is such a complicated situation?

– The President of Ukraine has determined the question, that the word “disabled” from use is eliminated, and there are “people with disabilities”. The question is not only in Ukraine. We are the product of post-Soviet society where the disabled person was “disabled.” In fact, everything that is today in Ukraine – the atavism of a society, which determines that if a person is blind, without hands, without legs, with cerebral palsy, he spoils the whole “remarkable” the Soviet image. It is better to do such a terrible principle in which I lived as a young man – social exclusion. In fact, segregation on the basis of disability – that is, to distance, to isolate. Synonymous with the Soviet perception of people with disabilities were poverty – if you’re with a disability, you ubogonky. That was the genius of humanity, in spite of the disability, ranging from Beethoven that no one wants to talk about. Have this option the investigation of the mentality of perception these people, as people who have problems and who are unable. According to my statistics, the country of about 3 million people According to the UN, 10% of the world population are people with disabilities. Even in civilized countries where there was no Chernobyl, no ATO – a figure no less.

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– On the streets of people with disabilities is very small. It turns out that they can’t go out to socialize?

– There are two reasons why people with disabilities remain at a certain level of social exclusion. Availability of our social environment – barrier. Starting from the pavement, roads and transport. There are steps, there is the inability to log in doors (may be narrow) in the toilet. Not available institution of education, of health. When we in Europe see a lot of people with disabilities on the streets, and we have not seen, it seems that we have very few of them. The rules of GAI, by the way, a person in a wheelchair is not considered a pedestrian. We have no right to move to the transition, because we are not human beings-pedestrians. This is what is left and not changed. I can say that in recent years the legal framework has become one of the best in the former Soviet Union. We are one of the first countries to ratify the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, although the government categorically do not want. Civil society and I personally then convinced both the government and the President, and he signed the Convention, and the Parliament ratified it. Today it is the main international legal document that became a part of Ukrainian legislation. Earlier we saw ramps, Paralympians, have not seen that people with disabilities could go to College. Now there are PhDs blind, there are many professions where people with disabilities realize their potential. There are supermarkets, pharmacies with ramps. The process has already started and goes. But the pace of implementation inadequate. Is the concept of universal design, which should include everything. 12% of injuries of locomotor apparatus in the world – on the steps. We must not forget about the elderly and mothers with children in strollers.

– What is the difference between our Paralympians?

10 years ago at the General Assembly of the international Paralympic Committee, it was announced that Ukraine has a high rate of development of the Paralympic movement in the world. There are objective and subjective factors. The objective that we have succeeded in Ukraine, together with representatives of civil society to establish a unique system of physical culture of people with disabilities. We have the resources of civil society included in the system of government. We have a system of “Invasport” – a public institution that for the first time in the history of public administration is empowered to the development of physical culture and sports in Ukraine. In each area, it has units, but manage this public institution has two institutions – the Ministry of sport and national Paralympic Committee. They run on the parity of including online sport federations of people with disabilities in vision, hearing, etc. the Subjective factor that we have managed to create a team of people, which is now the best in the history of Ukraine. Ministers change, but always remains by our team, National Paralympic Committee, which, together with any Minister. In our history there was only one Minister that I could not work, and I was outraged by his stupid administration, and the fact that it interfered with his work. It was Bulatov, and, unfortunately, it was the person with whom it was impossible to decide anything, not only in professional field but also in the universal context, it was impossible to solve a single question. He even started to interfere with the work of our team. But this didn’t last long.

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– How much today we need a Ministry of sport? What are the sources of corruption in sports?

– I started to fight corruption very young, when I was first Vice-President of the National Paralympic Committee. I headed a sports Federation for people with disabilities of locomotor apparatus. I’m in my Federation completely eradicate all the corruption schemes, and then I was approached by blind athletes that they have in the Federation is booming. It was a relay of the Soviet era. When I became President of the Committee, I started working on this cancer. One of our achievements – we have minimized corruption. First- personnel selection. In the direction of the Committee, people who are result-oriented. I am proud of the members of his team who have been working for more than ten years. Say, why so fast have lined up our Paralympic base – “that’s just Sushkevich gave money for the construction of the National Paralympic center.” If I take all the funds that paid for the reconstruction of all the Olympic bases – it will be crazy money. Many Olympians have won medals in the Paralympic training centre. I was approached and told to offer kickbacks while using center. I said no rollbacks never will be.

– Do you have any promotional projects? You have a lot of medalists.

– All the problems of Olympic sport cling and infect and Paralympic sports. We’re taking a lot of coaches of Olympic sports – alas, not all go to us. But we are lured by their attitude. Coaches note a very different version of the administration in our teams. We successfully compete with what for immunity in Paralympic sport concerning the diseases of the large so-called sport. I believe that if you reach the world level and go out on the world record – you can’t do amatorski something. It is unreal. The concentration of human resources human large enough to reach the record that that should be given most attention. So we have full-time athletes who get paid monthly who receive a President’s scholarship (12 thousand UAH scholarship Paralympic champion). This is all in combination gives you the option of admissibility. Yet there is a reward, like a large. But I know the problems of people living in our country with disabilities.

– Why don’t you MP? If you want to return to politics?

– The question for me now is very painful. When I went again to Parliament when I got there – I firmly believed I’d be there. 80% of people with disabilities believe that I am a Deputy. I did not get into Parliament because you did not go you need not have asked. But I’ll be back in Parliament. I saw how much of the laws of Ukraine destroyed, those that I wrote relating to the rights of people with disabilities. I can’t not go to the Ukrainian Parliament. I have to do what I did, and continue to support legislatively and practically.

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– Do you have a question?

– How do you do your health?

– I always try if I have time – half an hour in the morning to yoga. And try to run.

– I wish you to move to the end. I’m home from 10 to 11 PM every day bar, chest expander, physical exercise.

– Thank you very much.

Проблемы олимпийского спорта цепляют и заражают и паралимпийский спорт
Проблемы олимпийского спорта цепляют и заражают и паралимпийский спорт

Проблемы олимпийского спорта цепляют и заражают и паралимпийский спорт