Problems with the heart. What is known about Schumacher

Проблемы с сердцем. Что известно о Шумахере

Michael Schumacher came out of surgery

Phenomenal racer of the Formula 1 in 2013 suffered a serious head injury while skiing and has long been in a coma.

The legendary German racer of the Formula-1 sevenfold world champion Michael Schumacher 9 Sep was secretly hospitalized in the clinic of the Georges Pompidou in Paris. He conducted the restoration procedure of heart using stem cells.

In the result of head injuries after falling in the 2013 Red Baron a few months was in a coma. In 2014, Schumacher was transferred for treatment at home, but his condition details were not reported.

Just last year, the media wrote that he started breathing on his own and show some emotion. Now after surgery in a French hospital, he is conscious. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Schumacher recently breathing on his own

29 Dec 2013 in the ski resort in Meribel where Schumacher went on holiday with his son and friends, during the descent from the slope, the driver has not coped with the skis and off the track. Tripping over a stone, covered with snow, he fell and smashed his head against a mountain ledge.

As the doctors said, from death he was saved by a helmet, which split into pieces when falling. In the clinic he was taken by helicopter. During the flight he was put into an artificial coma and connected to the lung.

At first, the doctors from forecasts refused, stating that the German is in a critical condition. In the summer of 2014, Schumacher first came to mind. Then it Pirelli to the rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne.

Then he restored homes in the town of Gland on lake Geneva. The Villa was built a small clinic. The former athlete was under the supervision of 15 professionals around the clock.

In August 2014, it was reported that the wife of legendary racer sells belongings and a Ferrari driven by Schumacher in 2000 won his first champion title in the composition of the Scuderia. The family also had to sell the house in Norway and a private jet.

Проблемы с сердцем. Что известно о Шумахере

Schumacher with his wife Corinna, whom he met at the party of the Formula 1 / Getty

“Schumacher is unable to walk” – said in September 2016, the lawyer Felix Damme, who in court defended the interests of the rider on the claim against the German magazine Bunte, where he wrote that the patient went for a walk with the help of doctors and can raise one hand.

As at the end of 2016, it was known that the treatment of Schumacher spent 14 million euros.

Last autumn, the President of the International automobile Federation Jean Todt said that Schumacher visits at least twice a month, and his condition was described as follows: “I Wish the situation was different.”

In 2018, the family of Schumacher at the head of his wife Corinna, who has all the Affairs regarding his spouse purchased a property in Mallorca for € 30 million. There January 3 of this year, Michael celebrated their 50 years.

“We look to the future with optimism. State Michael is gradually improving,” – said sports Director of the Formula 1 and a close friend of Schumacher, Ross Brawn.

At the end of 2018, it became known that Schumacher lives with his family in the main part of the house, and not in the intensive care unit. According to the British press, he was able to breathe on their own and Express some emotions around his family.

“I’m always careful in such statements, but it’s true, I watched the race along with Michael Schumacher at his home in Switzerland. Michael in good hands, he’s well cared for. He did not give up and continues to fight,” said Todt this summer.

This week, 9 September, Schumacher was secretly hospitalized in the clinic of the Georges Pompidou in Paris, where the ex-pilot Ferrari was already this spring.

The athlete was placed in the division of cardiovascular surgery on a stretcher, covered with special covers that covered the face and the body of the victim.

He had a procedure to inject stem cells. She was successful and on 11 September, the rider must return home in Switzerland.

“I can assure you that Michael is awake. Other comments about the state of his health we can not give. This is confidential information,” reports the newspaper Le Parisien, the words of the nurses who were on duty during the operation.

The procedure conducted by the famous surgeon, cardiologist and specialist in the treatment of heart failure, Professor Phillip Menashe.

Professor Menashe, together with his colleagues been working on using stem cells to repair damaged hearts. In 2000, he was the first who transplanted muscle stem cells to a patient with myocardial infarction.

Stem cells not yet differentiated, which means they can develop into many different cell types and tissues of the human body.

Menashe was transplantul their six patients who survived heart attacks. The cells were programmed for further development in muscle tissue or blood vessels.

Two patients died for reasons not related to the surgery. Arrhythmias in patients was not, although animal studies have shown risk of.

The name Schumacher has become a household name for speeders. His first race Michael won in the age of six. But in the sport he couldn’t get immediately because of lack of sponsor and at the age of 18 years Schumacher took a job as a assistant mechanic.

Soon he was noticed by Willi Weber, who became his Manager and signed on to race in Formula 3, and then signing the contract of Schumacher with Mercedes. Mercedes, in turn, sponsored its first participation in Formula 1.

In 1992, speaking for the Benetton team, he came third in the Formula 1 race in the Belgian Spa, one of the most difficult trails.

Проблемы с сердцем. Что известно о Шумахере


But it was talkno the beginning. In the races of Formula 1, Schumacher has won seven world Championships (each consisting of 20 or more stages), five of them in a row, becoming the owner of almost all records possible in this sport.

Many times this title after the retirement of Michael Schumacher from the sport, was won by Briton Lewis Hamilton.


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