Products under the microscope: what you need to know about E-skah

Продукты под микроскопом: что нужно знать о Е-шках

We, consumers, are often afraid of the so-called “E-shkami”, they say do not buy products in which they are.

Particularly intimidated for a long time read labels, trying to find the supposedly “healthy” foods without additives. And, of course, can not! Because many of the goods is in store only due to the presence in its composition of dietary supplements.

Food additives are substances that are added to products during manufacturing to give them neuznovaemosti, taste, color, consistency and duration of storage. They can be compared to spices, which the hostess flavored dish. In fact salt and pepper — also food additives.

Why are they so called?

The manufacturer is obliged to specify the part of the package. And, not to take up much space, in 1953 in the EU was invented by the international coding system of food additives.

The letter E in the numbering suggests that the product complies with the “European Agency for food safety”. And the first digit of the code indicates a General purpose Supplement.

Продукты под микроскопом: что нужно знать о Е-шках



One should not treat E-additives, as something unnatural. Already became winged phrase of the scientist Volodymyr Bezsonov: “If we consider natural, fresh Apple, in terms of supplements, I can say that it is composed of additive E296, E330, E440, E141 and a few others.”

Yes, even in the kitchen of every housewife can find “E-shki”: gelatin (Е441) or agar-agar(Е406), limonnokislogo(E330), baking soda (E500), starch (Е1422), etc.

Not afraid

Scientists-hygienists allocate the risk for food so: the most dangerous microbial contamination and nutrient imbalances, 1000 times less pollution from the environment, and the risk from the use of food additives is less than 100, 000 times. That is, a dirty old Apple or salad should concern us much more than E-supplements.

And with regards to sausages and hot dogs that are so often subjected to attacks, E-shek in them any more than any other product with your kitchen — cottage cheese, cheese, oatmeal or salad soup.

What food additives are most often foundin sausages?

E471 — used as a stabilizer and emulsifier. Safe, has a natural origin,permitted in all countries. Also ispolzuyutsya the production of baby food.

Е412 — thickener enables to increase the shelf life of meat products and give them greater elasticity, density. Helps flush out intestinal toxins and harmful bacteria, increases absorption of calcium by the body. Used in diets, as well it reduces elevated levels of saturated fats and cholesterol in the body.

E450 — regulator, “responsible” for moisture retention and preservation of meat products, for its color.

E300 (ascorbic acid) – commonly known as vitamin C. Used as an antioxidant, preventing oxidation and discoloration of products.

As we told TM “Baschinsky” for the manufacture of food supplements apply 4 principles:

1. The principle of the prohibition: it is forbidden everything that is not allowed.

2. Supplements can be used only when the assigned task cannot be achieved by technological methods, and only in the minimum required amount. And that is why the shelf life of products TM “Alan” does not exceed 30 days. See in store sausage or sausage that have a long shelf life — it should alert you!

3. Allowed to use only those supplements which have passed all dermatological tests and is recognized by physicians harmless;

4. For each Supplement establishes criteria of purity, which it must meet in order to be added to the food product.

And in curd and cheese?

For the production of cheese and curd are also used food additives. Most often it is: calcium chloride (Е509), dairy (Е270), citric (E330), acetic (Е260), salt (Е507 acid), preservatives (E252 and Е251), lysozyme (Е1105) and food coloring E160a and Е160b. Of course, all these additives are permitted and do not bear any harm.

Yes, in fact, does not make sense for E-additives to judge that a product is healthier more and some less. E supplements are used widely in the production of huge quantities of food, this is the reality of the civilized world.

To have peace

There is only one but — the prohibited use of E-additives. Explore their list and buy products only of trusted manufacturers.

Продукты под микроскопом: что нужно знать о Е-шках



For providing information and advice specialists in the preparation of the material thanks to TM Alan, the partner of the project “We ate it.”

Продукты под микроскопом: что нужно знать о Е-шках