Profit Centrenergo increased two times

Прибыль Центрэнерго выросла в два раза

Centrenergo reported net profit

Power generation company reported income for the first nine months.

Revenue ukrainskogo of energogigant Centrenergo in January-September this year increased by 1.73 billion, which is 2.1 times more than in the past. This is stated in the financial statements of the company. Net income from sales for 9 months. the current year has increased by 6.8% (519,999 million) to 8 billion 138,738 million, and gross profit increased 2.2 times (1 billion 375,932 million grn) – to 2 billion 556,042 million.

In the third quarter 2017 year net profit of Centrenergo fell to 77,6% (260,103 million UAH) – up to 75,011 million UAH, compared to the same period last year. However, net income decreased by 15.6% (387,916 million grn) – to 2 billion 104,842 million, and gross profit fell by 84.3% (314,967 million UAH) – up to 58,496 million.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the Ukrainian energogigant Centrenergo overcharged by almost two times for the forwarding service of American coal.