Prokunin: will have to fight in each world championship race for the medals

Прокунин: Обязаны будем бороться в каждой гонке чемпионата мира за медали

Andrew Prokunin

Senior coach of the Ukrainian biathlon Andrew Prokunin talked about goals for the season.

“Strategically, we are already thinking about the Olympics in Beijing. She is our global goal is successful performance there.

One of the main goals for the season – the return of the full quota for the following year. And of course, we will have to fight in each world championship race for the medals.

The impression I have formed team of Ukraine – it was superficial, and did, in fact, only at the end of last season. It is clear that some problems were, but I had to figure it out and “look” inside the team, to listen to all sides. And here with the coaches and Vladimir Mikhailovich, we decided that before the championship of Ukraine, we will go a big team. It is clear that after him, we will probably make some adjustments because there are juniors in the team.

As for the first collection, it is clear that the more experienced girls where-that have received less attention. Understand that it’s much easier to see a young girl with her problems, the more skilled the athlete, which is already formed with their skills. Therefore, the time of adaptation will be with them a little longer.

As for Julia, Jim, we met in may, I announced my vision of the situation and problems within the team. Julia just wants to see how she’s an athlete out of this team. It was important to her and she wants these moments to understand. We periodically overwritten. Overall, I have a plan of its activities and at least minimal control, but it will.

As for the Nasty Merkushino, there a few other nuances. She is still a young athlete, but with his serious character. After talking with her and with Mr Branscom we have come to the opinion that she still needs to be alone. She said the last two years weren’t doing quite the job they wanted. We decided that we will do everything to help her, but until November, when we will already have basic training, She will deal autonomously with the father. We intersect in Otepaa, in the championship of Ukraine and then on basic training,” – said Prokudin in an interview

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