Promoter Joshua named a rematch with Klitschko

Промоутер Джошуа назвал возможную дату реванша с Кличко

Anthony Joshua

Eddie Hearn believes that the boxers will be ready to resume training until August.

The fight is a rematch between Wladimir Klitschko and Briton Anthony Joshua can be held in the Welsh capital at the end of October. This was announced by the British boxer’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

“I think that Klitschko will agree to a rematch, so we are considering possible sites for the fight.

According to the promoter, both boxer after an incredible first leg on 29 April, need time for recovery and training.

Josh has a sore shoulder, Klitschko was crushed in the face. Yes, there are still a couple of weeks in may may through June, and then the guys will think: “OK, let’s get back to training camp”. Even if they get back to their camp in August, remains almost two months to prepare and at the end of October it is possible to fight.

The stadium in Cardiff in November will be busy “under Rugby”, so that 28 Oct. Yes, most Dec free, but I don’t want to fight so late, so we also think about the arenas in Las Vegas, China and Dubai,” Hearn told The Independent.

Earlier reported that the fight Wladimir Klitschko Anthony Joshua will be held in the autumn in Cardiff.

This match could be the most profitable in Boxing history.

According to the materials: