Prosecutors have called the main cause of explosions Hammer

Прокуратура назвала главную причину взрывов Молота

Mortar Hammer in Rivne landfill

The investigation no information about the improper quality of mortars, and one of the main causes of incidents indicate the violation of the order of firing the staff.

Military Prosecutor of the Central region of Ukraine said that the investigation at this point has not received objective data about improper quality of mortars M 120-15 Hammer. About it the press service of the Ministry informed the evening of 7 November in Facebook.

It is noted that the military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison investigates criminal proceedings on the fact of improper performance of their duties military officials 1285 Main military offices of the defense Ministry during the execution of the state contract, which led to the purchase, over budget, poor quality mortars Hammer. Ongoing comprehensive military examination.

In addition, the State audit office conducts audit on the rational use of budget funds of the Ministry of defense.

Pre-trial investigation practice business entities that were involved by the manufacturer to perform work on the subject of the fictitious and the overstatement of volumes or value.

“At the moment, objective data about improper quality of mortars, which was justified by the case materials, the investigation has not received”, − stated in the message of the military Prosecutor.

According to investigators, currently one of the main causes of rupture of the mortar Hammer are the facts of the double loading and the violation of the order of firing the staff.

As reported Корреспондент.netJuly 6, in the explosion of a mortar Hammer in Rivne ground killed three soldiers, nine more were injured.

September 23, a similar incident occurred in the 72nd brigade of the armed forces in the Donbas. The explosion injured two soldiers.

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