Prosecutor’s office denies no fault Molotov

Прокуратура отрицает отсутствие неисправности у Молотов

The Prosecutor admitted the failure of the mortar Hammer

The military Prosecutor’s office denies published the day before its own information about proper technical condition of the exploding mortars Hammer.

The military Prosecutor’s office denied previously common information about the absence of technical failure of the mortars Hammer, and also identify the root cause of their explosions. On Thursday, 8 November, the press service of the military Prosecutor of the Central region of Ukraine.

The Ministry recalled that the day before in mass-media there was spread information about the alleged absence of preliminary investigation of the comments to the technical condition of the mortar and Hammer to establish the fact that the main cause of explosions is the dual loading and violation of the order of firing the staff.

“At the moment the Kiev research Institute of judicial examinations of the Ministry of justice complex judicial examination, in which verified the technical condition of the mortars, according to their tactical and technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer, and their safe use during combat operations. To obtain the relevant conclusions of experts of the grounds to assert about the quality of the mortar Hammer is not”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier it was reported that the investigation has no data about discrepancy of quality of mortars, and one of the main causes of incidents were a violation of the procedure of firing the staff.

Recall that in 2016 in Ukraine were nine explosions of mortars Hammer, killing 13 people.

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