Prostitution: the oldest profession

Не проституция: названа самая древняя профессия

Shamanism was recognized as the oldest profession in the world

Shamans were a class that had respect and power. From other tribe members they are distinguished by the rite of initiation.

The oldest profession has recognized shamanism. Work with the appropriate conclusions were published by the researcher of Harvard graduate school of arts and Sciences Manvir Singh, RIA Novosti reported.

The scientist said that according to ancient tribes, shamans could control the weather, to ensure luck in hunting, cure disease. Sorcerers were a distinct class, who enjoyed respect and authority.

However, before you become a full-fledged shaman, a person had to pass the rite of initiation, which included a number of complex procedures. This stage held a line between “dedicated” and the remaining members of the tribe, and claimed the right of the shaman’s “magical” activity.

According to Singh, the initiation distinguishes shamanism from other classes that were available to all. So, among the people of the tribe were the people responsible for making canoes or weapons, but others can also create these items.

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