Protection Novinsky considers “questionable” additional documents of the GPU provided in the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada

Prosecutor General of Ukraine refused to provide clarifying information on the overwhelming number of questions from members of the Regulatory Committee, which review the performance of the GPU on the lifting of parliamentary immunity with Vadim Novinsky, one of the leaders of “Opposition bloc”. About this informed the lawyer of the Deputy-the oppositionist Natalia Golovko, reported “Ukrainian news”.

Other documents recently provided to the MPs, said the lawyer, are of a doubtful character.

As stated Golovko, written response, signed by Yuriy Lutsenko, the attached copy of the alleged letters of the late Primate of the UOC his Beatitude Vladimir first persons of the state. Allegedly to prove that the Primate appealed to Yanukovych and Zakharchenko with a request to stop unlawful withholding of the Secretary, his Beatitude Alexander drabinko. From all the letters, according to the attorney General, only one seized the interior Ministry is in the original, others are copies, certified by the society.

In the letter addressed to Vitaly Zakharchenko, do not have outgoing data and sent not later than 26 July 2013, possessed by the investigators of the GPU in the original, requested the Minister that he gave the order to subordinate services, “ensuring the safety of Archbishop Alexander (drabinko)” organize it “timely arrival” at events associated with the celebration of the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus on July 27, 2013.

According to Golovko, drabynko wrote his own letter asking to provide him with round the clock security, because he believed that his life was in danger due to the fact that he testified for the organizers of high-profile kidnapping of nuns. Ie, at the request of his Beatitude nothing out of the ordinary.

Other letters as evidence provides the GPU, are copies, signed by the society, the lawyer said. The lawyer pointed out a few strange moments.

First, in response to Yuriy Lutsenko, members of the regulatory Committee States that all the above-mentioned letters reached their addressees. At the same time, assuring the copy, Alexander drabynko wrote “according to the original”. This can be seen on the website of the GPU. It is not clear, says Golovko, where society and law enforcement officers took the originals because they no one was.

Secondly, according to the regulations of the office of the Kyiv metropolis of the UOC, the official form of the Primate of the UOC is used exclusively for the original letters, which are subsequently sent to the addressees. For copies of the official form is not used, in order to avoid fakes. GPU granted to members of the regulatory Committee of copy on official letterhead.

Thirdly, paying attention to the alleged letter of his Beatitude when he speaks of the deposition of the first vicar of the Kyiv Metropolitanate Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil, dated 8 Aug 2013, you can see that it was addressed to all the bishops. However, the recipients of it did not reach in the office of his existence denied, and none of the bishops of the investigation had not withdrawn the original document, said the lawyer.

In this regard, the lawyer noted that the response addressed to the regulatory Committee, the GPU is not indicated whether the examination of the authenticity of these letters and the signature of his Beatitude. Also, Golovko reminded that the office of the Kyivan Metropolitanate in April 2014 in response to the GPU drew the attention of the investigation that most of the letters of the late Metropolitan, appearing in the case, officially through the office of passed, and registration numbers of some of the letters has a completely different outgoing correspondence signed by the Metropolitan.

“Thus, the investigation in fact, there is only one original letter confirming that the society did not hold, namely guarded. As for the other copies, signed by the Metropolitan, then it is possible that they may be the fruit of creativity of the victim”, – said the lawyer.

As reported, on December 6 Regular Committee intends to continue consideration of the question of removing the parliamentary immunity Novinsky, whom the Prosecutor accuses of allegedly aiding the implementation of the criminal plan of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s displacement as head of the UOC (MP), the late Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan).