Protection of apartments – why Rob

Охрана квартир – почему грабят

Now the security of the apartments is the Achilles heel of many residents of the capital and beyond. According to statistics, approximately every hour in Kiev is a robbery of the housing.

Not difficult to find and understand that during the year the victims of the robberies becomes more than 8 000 people, and given that in many cases, theft of property suffers not one person but a whole family, victims much more.

But who runs the risk of becoming a victim of residential thieves? To be honest, almost everyone. But there is prey, which is easier to obtain and there is one for which you will have to risk going to jail.

Whether you need to get past the Concierge or at the entrance, only intercom, is there any CCTV near or in the entrance, connected the apartment to the alarm – every moment plays a role in who will become a victim today.

I think you understand that for a thief to open the door with intercom the same thing and open the door without him. The Concierge can be a barrier, but provided that she is attentive and principled in the protection of its territory, and these, alas, very little. Often, the thieves are represented with the delivery of food, water, Yes, even ambulance and Yes, they passed. Video surveillance at the entrance is rare, sometimes due to cost, sometimes due to nesobrannosti residents.

So, your apartment has been left alone with the criminal element.

From the first study visit Rob probably won’t. First check is whether the owner of the house and study schedule. Now you do not have to personally visit you, without knowing it, to tell all in social networks of “interest”, is only to share how good you are at the resort or the like. Then the case for small – to confirm the absence of the owner with the help of “tracker” (sticking flyers in doors, etc., which if left in place during the day, so no one came) and forward.

And then there are 2 options: 1) penetrate and nurture all; 2) penetrate and either just run away or meet with the security company. That door will open no doubt – the break-even complex castle is only a couple of minutes as practice.

And then, answering the question from the title, I can say that the security of the apartments, which involved the professionals of the security sector (no, grannies Concierge do not belong to them) is a myth. And Rob, because it turns out, because it’s easy.

Yes, you can spit, it’s all about the people and this will also be true, but yet there are such people, the best we can do is try to protect against them. Amateur security is a myth, the protection of apartments with the help of professionals is a reality.

And do not think that we are still those days when the alarm was an expensive pastime – now it’s everyday necessity. With the change in its value has the quality and price of the devices with the ubiquitous wires to barely noticeable wireless sensors, from cost to availability. But not everywhere, some companies are still trying to live in the past and ask for a decent amount of money for modern equipment. At that time, as in the other trying to make the security of the apartments a mass phenomenon.

In our list of recommendations, one point – a joint action of security holding “Sheriff” and the best producers in Europe alarm systems AJAX. Guys provide you with wireless security equipment in use free. The price for the installation of 1,000 hryvnia, and the fee is 360 UAH/month. If you are far from the prices for the services of the security check is very cheap.

And if the head woke up with the idea that this is just advertising, it is necessary to dig into your memory and you remember the examples of relatives, friends and acquaintances who were robbed. I wish these stories were just “urban legends”, but the legend is only that, using the old methods of security, you can protect yourself.

And sometimes there is a feeling that keeping up with the progress are the robbers, finding new ways to get to the apartment, at that time, as the owners of these apartments blithely prepare the property for removal. You have yourself, dear readers, what security measures are used? And how long will it take a professional to avoid?

Indeed Rob, that’s because it turns out, that’s because it’s easy.