Protesting miners blocked the road to Poland

Протестующие шахтеры перекрыли дорогу на Польшу

The miners made demands

The miners demand to pay off wage arrears and cancel order on the reorganization of GP lvovugol.

In the Lviv region on Friday, November 16, protesting miners blocked the international highway. About it informs the Deputy of the Lviv city Council, Igor Zinkevich on his page on Facebook.

He noted that the road was blocked for Zhovkva in the direction of the crossing Rava-Ruska.

About 40 miners, constantly go through the transition, not allowing them to proceed transport. Thus the miners are protesting against wage arrears.

However, Your Misto reports that the patrol agreed with the protesters and those missing transport every 15 minutes. However, this does not save the highway from traffic. Additionally exposed to a patrol crew in Kulikovo, which directs the transport of a detour ceiling.

In addition to payment of wages, the miners also demand to cancel the order of the energy of the reorganization of GP lvovugol, to provide for the modernization of the mines Steppe and Mezhdurechensk 32 million UAH and to Express confidence in the Director of GP of Deregulated system for non-payment of funds to the miners.

According to the trade Union, wage arrears to miners GP lvovugol is 229 million UAH, and for products shipped to the company owes 280 million UAH.



Previously CEO of Lisichanskugol resigned because of the protests of the miners. His resignation was one of the requirements of the protesting miners at the mine named Kapustin.

It was also reported that the Cabinet allocates 500 million hryvnias for salaries to the miners.


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