Proven extraterrestrial origin of the amulet of Tutankhamun

Доказано внеземное происхождение амулета Тутанхамона

Solve the mystery of the amulet of Tutankhamun

Yellow glass, from which it was made, was formed by a meteorite impact.

Researcher Aaron Kavosi from the University of Certina’ve solved the mystery almost 100 years ago about a yellow glass, which was manufactured breast the amulet of Tutankhamun. It turned out that the glass found in the Egyptian desert, was established as a result of a meteorite impact. This writes

Published in the journal Geology, the study says that scientists have studied the tiny grain of the mineral zircon in samples of Libyan desert glass, which formed 29 million years ago and is located on an area of over several thousand square kilometers in Western Egypt.

It turned out that the material has preserved the traces of redica. This mineral is formed exclusively under the influence of high pressure as a result of a meteorite.

Prior to this it was assumed that the glass was formed due to a powerful atmospheric explosion over Earth’s surface.

Earlier it was reported that scientists were able to unravel the mystery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, and refuted the rumors about the curse.

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