PS responded to charges of coup d’etat in Russia

ПС ответил на обвинения в госперевороте в России

All social pages and all the sites associated with the Right sector, Russia has long blocked, said Skoropadsky.

Right sector has denied the accusations of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika regarding the organization of the coup d’etat in Russia. In an interview with the radio station Moscow speaking spokesman Artem Skoropadsky PS.

“No coup in Russia, we, of course, not prepared. We have other things to do now in Ukraine. Of course, we don’t serve no shares in Russia, because we value our supporters. Them, first of all, there are not so many,” he said.

Skoropadsky noted that all accounts of the organization on the Internet in Russia has long blocked, so the Right sector was not able to plan anything through a social network.

“The meaning of the situation is that without any statements Gulls all that is associated with the Right sector, all social pages and all sites in Russia long blocked. What else is being blocked, I don’t know,” he said.

Recall, the Right sector banned in Russia from November 17, 2014.