Published a black list of American screenplays 2016

Опубликован черный список американских киносценариев 2016 года

Film Producer Franklin Leonard

The portal, The Black List has published an annual ranking of the scenarios from the black list, which for various reasons was not put into production. In 2016 it includes 73 works.

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It is noted that the creators of the rating based on the opinions of 250 employees of the film industry — producers, Studio heads and financial Directors. Each of the respondents chose from one to ten of the best scripts, which in 2016 was not filmed. To qualify for the list they had to score at least six votes.

First place went to a film about American singer Madonna “Blond ambition,” Elyse Hollander. He received 48 votes.

In second place — melodramatic script by Dan Fogelman “life Itself”, which tells several love stories in different parts of the world.

The third place was occupied by “Olympian” Tony Toast on the rower, trying to get to the Olympic games 1984

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The first black list in 2005 came up with and built a film producer Franklin Leonard. Since then, every year he polls 100 to 500 cinespecial to see what interesting scenarios have not been filmed this year. More than 200 projects of those in the different years entered in the “list of Leonard’s”, was subsequently launched and became successful at the box office.

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