Published a letter of Cliche Sentsov

Опубликовано письмо Клыха Сенцову

Klyh wrote a letter Sentsov

In the letter Klyh asked Sentsov to stop the hunger strike, thanks for the flyers and wanted to return to his children.

A letter that a convict in Russia Ukrainian Stanislav Klyh addressed to the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. Letter on Saturday, October 6, on his page on the social network Facebook was published by the coordinator of the media initiative for human rights Mary TOMAK.

In the letter Klyh notes that monitors messages about the condition of Sentsov, thanks for the leaflets he received from the Director in Grozny, and He wants to return to his children.

“Death does not need us, you need your mother and children. I won’t judge you if you stop the hunger strike, but, nevertheless, I understand that it all got, especially the promise of the early release of the letters. I also get letters, and it’s just as annoying as you, but you have to understand that people who are from all over the world write letters to wish us good,” the letter reads.

Recall, the letter Klyh passed through his mom at the end of September.

On the eve of Oleg Sentsov announced the termination of hunger strike on 6 October.

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