Published photos of the “heart” of the milky Way

Опубликовано фото "сердца" Млечного Пути

The published European space Agency. It depicts the Central plane of the galaxy.

The European space Agency published a picture, which shows a Central plane of the milky Way. Writes about this Space in images.

The image shows the so-called submillimeter radiation, which is scattered along the plane of our galaxy.

The study of this region can help scientists to study the processes of formation of individual stars.

The picture was taken via satellite Planck (Planck). He was launched into space in 2009. Currently it is used as part of the mission of APEX. The satellite helps in the study of the Solar system, and comets, planets and other objects in our galaxy.

Earlier it was reported that NASA released the image of a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Bootes.

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