Published racist records albert Einstein

Обнародованы расистские записи Альберта Эйнштейна

Notes were made by scientists in the early 20-ies. These include racist comments about different peoples.

Princeton University has published the travel notes by physicist albert Einstein, which he did in the early 20-ies. Entries include racist remarks about other peoples. About it writes The Guardian.

It is reported that the physicist’s diaries kept during trips to Asia in 1922-1923. In his notes he comments on the people of Japan, China, India and Sri Lanka, which he visited.

Einstein, describing the Chinese called them “hard-working, untidy and stupid” people. He also noted that the Chinese during a meal do not sit on the benches, and squatting, “as the Europeans when you take a shit in the woods.”

“A kind of bestial nation, more like machines than humans… it would Be sad if the Chinese will displace the rest of the nation,” said Einstein.

Not too commended physicist inhabitants of Ceylon, noting that they live “in the big dirt and the stench”. He also added that the people there are a little work and a little demanding: “Simple economic cycle of life”.

As for the people of Japan, then Einstein responded very positively, describing them as “modest, honest, and absolutely charming people.”

Earlier it was reported that the auction sold the letter to albert Einstein about relativity.

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