Published the last letter of the journalist Shchetinina

Обнародовано последнее письмо журналиста Щетинина

Alexander Shchetinin

Depression Shchetinina was due to financial problems of the edition “New region”.

Founder of the online publication “New region” Alexander Shchetinin was in depression due to financial problems of that resource in Ukraine, said the chief editor Olga Meshcheryakova.

In the suicide note], who was found dead with a gunshot wound on August 27, asked her to convey to all that “very fond of Ukraine,” she said.

On Saturday, Sasha had a birthday, but he had long since turned off the phone and did not respond in social networks, so I went to visit him. The door thank opened, and after I left, sent me a farewell letter in which he promised to smoke last cigarette and kill myself,” said Meshcheryakov.

“He loved the Ukrainians were in love with Ukraine. It asked me to tell everyone… he had a deep prolonged depression. He told me several times that he wants to end my life, ” she said.

Mescheryakov announced in Facebook quotes from his farewell letter.

Recall that the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko announced that Shchetinina was a certain suicidality.