Purse suspects that a high turnout in Transcarpathia may be the result of voter bribery

Кошель подозревает, что высокая явка на Закарпатье может быть результатом подкупа избирателей

Oleksiy Koshel

During the elections in the combined communities in the Transcarpathian region the turnout of 79% may be caused by the bribery of voters. This was stated by Director General of “Committee of voters of Ukraine” Oleksiy Koshel, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“A few days before the voting day, our organization talked about troubled regions, problem regions. Among them were the Transcarpathian community, it was a single, unified territorial community, where the elections were held. We are therefore extremely concerned about the figure of 79% voter turnout which is significantly different from other numbers in Ukraine. In our opinion, such a high voter turnout could also be related to the fact that on the eve of elections in Clearing the Transcarpathian region our organization was recorded a few facts of bribery of voters. Of corruption, which were forwarded to law enforcement agencies, they are now studied by law enforcement,” said Koshel.

According to him, the facts of bribery could influence the fact that the turnout was high. He stressed that the problem of bribery is not unique to the Clearing.

“Yesterday, in Nemirovsky United community recorded two facts of direct bribing of voters and distribution of funds. On these facts, filed the appropriate documents for law enforcement agencies. These documents are being studied for a possible criminal case,” said Koshel.

He added that one of the most problematic moments, “the criminalization of the electoral process.”

“Unfortunately, yesterday we saw, when the law enforcers were forced to use additional units for the protection of public order in Nikolaevka Donetsk region. On the eve of the elections, we saw serious problems in several districts. It is a massive fight in Nemirov, which had hospitalized two people, the burning of the property of the ski resort, one of the candidates, the presence of groups of “titushky””, – said the General Director of “kiu”.

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Recall that in Ukraine on Sunday, 18 December passed a vote in the elections in the United 143 territorial communities. The results of the vote will be elected 76 rural and village heads, 21 the mayor, local councils and 1 warden.

According to the SUPPORT, as at 20:00, the highest turnout for elections was in Volyn and Transcarpathia (79,23 and 72,2%, respectively), the lowest – in Kherson region (38,15%).