Putin: Asked whether Russia normally play? Experts said no

Путин: Спросил, будет ли Россия нормально играть? Специалисты сказали – нет

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin answered the question that you need to do to in Russia had a strong football team.

“I ask whether our national team to play normally? Experts say no. Say, because too many foreign players and too little you pay attention to the change. Very little attention is given to development of youth football. However, there are positive trends: recently, I traveled to Krasnodar, where Mr. Galitsky is doing a great work: the stadium was built, the whole soccer school was created, where children not only play soccer but also chess. But this is a private project.

All the big clubs have created a system of training young athletes and, if it continues, then we will have an effective national team”, – answered the question Vladimir Putin during a straight line.

We will note that on 17 June the Russian team will play against team New Zealand in the framework of the opening match of the confederations Cup. On our website and available forecast betting bookmakers for the match Russia – New Zealand.

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